Bioarchaeology, Episode 10

Two Jews and a Mic Episode 10, Bioarchaeology, Gender Roles, and Dating

On today’s podcast we sit down with esteemed guest, Doctor Pamela Geller of the University of Miami ‘s anthropology department and Women and Gender Studies Program to discuss her new book The Bioarchaeology of Social-Sexual Lives: Queering Common Sense about Sex, Gender, and Sexuality,  and more. We dive into topics like marrying goyim (Good? Bad? Meh?), the bioarchaeology […]

Torah, Episode 9

Torah, Episode 9

On today’s program Marvin discusses the terrible new theme music with his producer Cheryl. Marvin also tackles the weekly Torah portion, and introduces a new feature: a book review. Additionally, Marvin’s wife has left him. So, we get to hear the dramatic fall out of that on the program, including how she did it. (Hint: […]

Tinder, Episode 8


On this episode we sit down with the founder of Right Swipe Pics, Maria Izaurralde. Maria runs a website that does photo makeovers for people’s online dating and Tinder Profiles. As a result of her photography, people can look better and get more matches! Maria’s work has been featured in National Geographic, and all kinds […]

Addiction, Episode 7


We sit down with special guest Tara Trautmann to discuss addiction, treatment, and therapy. Tara is a marvelous therapist who gives us the low down on treatment and therapies for addiction. However, Tara isn’t good enough at Therapy to help break Marvin’s terrible wife of the addiction of feeding him gefilte fish for every meal. […]

Episode 6, Two Jews and a Mic

Episode 6, in which we discuss how taking what you want from the Torah and leaving out parts you don’t like is hypocritical if you’re using religion as an excuse to discriminate, and networking with guest Janu Mendel of the Miami Jews networking organization for young professionals here in Miami.