Addiction, Episode 7


We sit down with special guest Tara Trautmann to discuss addiction, treatment, and therapy. Tara is a marvelous therapist who gives us the low down on treatment and therapies for addiction. However, Tara isn’t good enough at Therapy to help break Marvin’s terrible wife of the addiction of feeding him gefilte fish for every meal. (To be fair, there’s no one THAT good).

Torah Portion

Today we get into the rules for the Kohen (priests) of Judaism. Marvin focuses on the fact that a man with crushed testicles can not be a Kohen. As a result of having crushed testicles, he’s barred. Seems unfair. Also, Marvin relates crushed testicles to his marriage of 40 years.

Sex Addiction – A Lovely Malady

Marvin marvels at Tiger Wood’s ability to sleep with so many women outside of marriage as sexual addiction is discussed. Tara gives insight on the disease, as we talk about how some people do use it to get out of “sticky” situations.

The Terrible Appeal of Conservative Politicians to Working-Class Whites

We look at the appeal of conservative politicians to working class whites through the lens of What’s The Matter With Kansas author Thomas Frank‘s book and findings. We also discuss Trump the republican candidate’s failings.