Bioarchaeology, Episode 10

Two Jews and a Mic Episode 10, Bioarchaeology, Gender Roles, and Dating

On today’s podcast we sit down with esteemed guest, Doctor Pamela Geller of the University of Miami ‘s anthropology department and Women and Gender Studies Program to discuss her new book The Bioarchaeology of Social-Sexual Lives: Queering Common Sense about Sex, Gender, and Sexuality and more. We dive into topics like marrying goyim (Good? Bad? Meh?), the bioarchaeology of sexuality and gender (are all of those skeletons dug up holding each other in graves really lovers caught in one last embrace before death, or is that characteristic assigned by our cultural defaults without archaeological justification?), and, of course, the weekly Torah portion as it relates to current events (as always!).


So, does the Archaeology of Common Sense mean that we ascribe our contemporary values to findings like human archaeological remains? Do we ignore the bioarchaeology of findings in pop-culture? And, on a related note, are search engine algorithms conspiring to change printed book titles according to the needs of the interwebs?

Dr. Geller’s Findings, Gender Roles, and More!

I don’t know. But Dr. Geller does! And she shares her insights on everything from bioarchaeology to heteronormative archetypes as applied to society on this week’s show. This week I learned all about how gender as we understand it has not been a universal construct across all societies over human history and evolution. I also learned that after 68 years of marriage that there are alternatives to the typical 1950’s gender roles western society traditionally ascribes to men and women. Like, for instance, did you know that women can wear pants and vote now? I know, shocking stuff. But I am very old, so almost everything about 2017 is shocking to me.

Today’s episode is a great one, with a gracious and hilarious guest. Dr. Geller was funny, warm, and informative. Thanks so much for coming on as a guest Dr. Geller. We had a great time and you’re welcome back any time!