Links and Reviews


  • Amy Kritzer, of is a terrific cook who puts a modern spin on classic Jewish recipes for all religions to enjoy. She’s the author of the amazing new cook book: Sweet Noshings. Pick up her book, and check out her website today!
  • Maria Izaurralde, of is the photographer and founder of the dating photo makeover website Right Swipe Pics. Maria is an amazing photographer who takes pictures you can use on dating websites to put your best face forward.
  • Amir Whitaker, of is the lawyer, activist, and former Knucklehead who is helping divert kids from bad decisions and trapping toward more positive endeavors.


  • Savage Lovecast – A dating advice show with excellent advice on sex, love, and everything in between. Hilarious, varied, and extremely interesting.
  • How I Built This – Interview-based show detailing the rise of famous companies. If you’re interested in growing businesses, this is the podcast for you.
  • WTF – Interviews by the hilarious Mark Maron with a wide array of celebrities on a variety of topics.
  • Ted Radio Hour from NPR – A diverse array of pieces exploring science, technology, and our ever evolving world.

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