Tinder, Episode 8


On this episode we sit down with the founder of Right Swipe Pics, Maria Izaurralde. Maria runs a website that does photo makeovers for people’s online dating and Tinder Profiles. As a result of her photography, people can look better and get more matches! Maria’s work has been featured in National Geographic, and all kinds of national news outlets. She’s so good, she could even make Marvin look handsome (no easy task!). So, if you want to improve your dating profile pictures on Tinder, Maria is the woman to go to.

Tinder + Inspiration = Right Swipe Pics

Maria discusses her inspiration for starting her website, and how the photography on the website really turned her off. So, she decided to do something about it. Now, you can order pictures with Maria to avoid the fate of all of these awful men with their left swipes and bad pictures.

Cougar On the Prowl (On Tinder)

We discuss the benefits and pitfalls of dating younger, which is Marvin’s the only option because he is so old. However, as a woman in-between the ages of 25 and 45, cultural shifts have made it much more socially acceptable for women to choose to date younger men.

Dating in Miami vs. Dating in San Fransisco

How does the dating marketplace change based on different gender rations in different cities? Maria weighs in. She also discusses her current beau, who is nearly as lumpy (muscular) as the body builder we had on Episode 5 of Two Jews and a Mic.