Torah, Episode 9

Torah, Episode 9

On today’s program Marvin discusses the terrible new theme music with his producer Cheryl. Marvin also tackles the weekly Torah portion, and introduces a new feature: a book review. Additionally, Marvin’s wife has left him. So, we get to hear the dramatic fall out of that on the program, including how she did it. (Hint: it involves a toilet and a PostIt Note).

Weekly Torah Portion

Marvin discusses Moses arriving at the Holy Land and being barred by God from entering it. Much like parents, Moses “raises” his people, only to see them flourish without him as they grow. This sacrifice is beautiful and symbolic of the cycle of nurture that we all take part in. As a result of Moses’ sacrifice, the Jewish people succeed. We all succeed because of our parents. And the circle of life continues.

News (of Torah-level significance)

We have Rome facing water shortages, and the rights of transgender people in the military being rolled back in the news. Both portend the end of the world on a Torah-level of significance. And both result from the hubris of man.

Book Review

We discuss the book The Great Man by Kate Christensen on the book review. And, I won’t spoil the ending, but the book ends on the last page. It’s a phenomenally in depth character study of an artist after he passed away, through the eyes of those who’s lives he touched. His two families (one legitimate) and two biographers have interesting and divergent points of view on the great man who’s irresponsible nature impacted those around him in different, sometimes destructive ways. This harkens back to many of the lessons of the Torah, which can be interpreted in different ways and through a variety of lenses. This book is a quick, interesting read. Marvin highly recommends it, and gives it 8 Torahs out of 10.